About Us

Don’t let safety concerns hold you back. The current landscape of products aren’t designed with the modern commuter in mind. We're dedicated to designing the best bike lock and light that is 100% geared toward today's commuters
BrightLoc is designed by cyclists for cyclists who get it. With BrightLoc, you grab one thing and roll, lighting up your ride, locking down your bike, knowing your lights and bike are secure for the ride home.


The Founders

David Majeski

David is a final year MMB/MBA candidate at North Carolina State University, and has been involved with BrightLoc since its inception as a student project.  David is a cycling, skating, and motorcycle enthusiast with a desire to improve active safety.

Brian Himelright

Brian is an industrial designer who helped develop BrightLoc from the ground floor and has transformed the design from its early stages as a university project to what you see today. Brian was a Division I Cross-Country and Track athlete, who has since turned to cycling for his post collegiate exercise and enjoyment.

Mentors & Advisors

Andrew D
Dr. Andrew DiMeo

Andrew is a biomedical innovator, designer, and entrepreneur that lives in the heart of downtown Raleigh.  He’s a daily commuter and a weekend cruiser hopping from shared office spaces to local breweries. 

Connie Tran

Connie is an industrial designer who found her passion in brand development. As the mother of a young rambunctious boy, safety is always top of mind.

Brian Baucom

Brian's got over 17 years of experience as a co-founder, CMO, growing startups into successes from an idea to a retail shelf, into an app, a platform, or an Amazon #1 ranking.

He's been responsible for massive revenue increases for his brands, and he is focused on bringing that passion for driving growth and market disruption to all of his projects.